Global settings

Generic settings can be tweaked from ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/editide/settings.ini. They’re applied globally, to all windows.

Here a sample with the default settings value:

# use editorconfig for files settings
editorconfig = true
# gtksourceview themes for syntax highlighting
highlight_theme_ligth = editide
highlight_theme_dark = editide-dark
# show completion suggestions when typing if true,
# or only on <Ctrl>+<space> if false
interactive_completion = true
# show spaces and tabs in source
show_spaces = true

# set true to apply the GNOME libadwaita theme
adwaita = false
# force light, dark or default mode
variant = light

# margin color for modified lines
color = #00CFBF80
# show modified lines in the margin
enable = false

Project settings

Project-specific configuration can be stored in a file .editide.json placed at the root folder of the project.

Default values:

    "name": null,
    "ctags_args": [],
    "exclude": [
    "gitignore": false,
    "margin_pos": 100,
    "margin_show": false,
    "minimap_show": false,
    "tasks": []


  • name: project name, displayed in titlebar, by default the project folder name is used if undefined
  • ctags_args: additional arguments to pass to universal-ctags
  • exclude: ignore files from project, can be combined with gitignore
  • gitignore: follow .gitignore to ignore files from projects
  • minimap_show: show a minimap of the source code by default (can also be toggled with Ctrl+M)
  • margin_pos: position of the right margin, if enabled
  • margin_show: enable the right margin
  • tasks: custom task to run either by command bar or F4, F5, F6, F7 keys

These settings are per-project, so may be different for each opened window.

When no project is open, or settings not defined, fallback values can be user-defined under ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/editide/defaults.json.



File settings

EdiTidE supports EditorConfig by default for file-specific settings.

UI style

The UI is using the GTK4 framework, which supports CSS stylesheets.

An user CSS can be placed in ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/editide/gtk4.css for customizing the appearance.