What’s the implementation status?

The software is still beta-quality. It’s perfectly usable (I use it daily), but definitely needs some polishing and improvements.

Is EdiTidE user-friendly?

Well, not by design. This app was done by myself for myself, so may not fit everyone’s habits.

Important is to learn the keyboard shortcuts (run help shortcuts from the command bar) and the available commands (help commands).

Extensions can be used to improve the customization.

How do I change the highligh style?

Set highlight_theme_ligth and highlight_theme_dark in the settings (see configuration).

Themes are managed by gtksourceview, and are typically located under:

  • /usr/share/gtksourceview-5/styles/
  • ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/gtksourceview-5/styles/

More themes can be downloaded from GNOME Builder.


How to support new languages?

For the syntax highlighting, it’s managed by gtksourceview, the languages definitions are typically located under:

  • /usr/share/gtksourceview-5/language-specs/
  • ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/gtksourceview-5/language-specs/

For the symbols tree and completion, it’s provided by universal-ctags.


Ctags doesn’t detect all the symbols of my source file!

Usually, ctags only reports public symbols by default, but this can be tweaked by requesting extra kinds.

As example, my personal ctags configuration, under ${HOME}/.config/ctags/custom.ctags:


ctags configuration can also be placed in a folder .ctags.d/ at the root path of projects.

How to use the block mode?


Roadmap & future plans?

  • Rework the command-bar
  • LSP client
  • Basic debugger with DAP