EdiTidE is coded in Python, so easily introspectable and hackable. A basic extensions mechanism is available to add extra features.

Extensions shall be placed in folder ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/editide/exts. Filename must start with “ext_”.

Each extension must implement a editide_ext_init() callout, executed at application loading.

Optionally, feature callouts editide_ext_xxx() can be provided, with “xxx” the name of the feature.

Currently supported features:

  • editide_ext_get_commands: query commands to be added to the command-bar, called when opening a new window
  • editide_ext_get_completion: query additional source completion providers
  • editide_ext_notif_wbench_opened: called when opening a new window
  • editide_ext_notif_wbench_closed: called when closing a window
  • editide_ext_notif_project_loaded: called when a project is loaded
  • editide_ext_notif_doc_added: called when a document tab is added
  • editide_ext_notif_doc_loaded: called when a document loaded its content from disk
  • editide_ext_notif_doc_symbols: called when a document reloaded its symbols
  • editide_ext_notif_doc_save: called when a document is going to be saved to disk
  • editide_ext_notif_doc_closed: called when a document tab is closed